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Music For Me

A scatterbrain assortment of disparate bits and pieces from 15 years of turning thoughts into song. 

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Solo Music
How Not To Make Gravy - Paul Kelly Tribute

How Not To Make Gravy - Paul Kelly Tribute

A tribute to Paul Kelly's Christmas classic, for which we are very sorry. Legendary Australian singer songwriter Paul Kelly touched thousands of hearts when he wrote this bittersweet ballad 18 years ago. I think it's safe to say, we've ruined it. Available now on iTunes Featuring (in order of appearance): Mark Sutton Patrick Magee Ben Jenkins Zoe Norton-Lodge David Harmon Fran Middleton Tom Cardy Amy Pink Cale Bain Will Erimya Edan Lacey Paul Lodge Filmed on location at Callan Park, Rozelle, Sydney, and in the beautiful home of the delightful Norton-Lodge family. Directed and produced by Benny Davis Camera by Benny Davis and Sam Yeldham Audio track 'How Not to Make Gravy' written and performed by Benny Davis and Mark Sutton Recorded and produced by Benny Davis Lyrics: Hello Dan, it's Joe here, I hope you're keeping well, It's the 21st of December, now they're ringing the last bell, If I get good behaviour, I'll be out of here by July, Won't you kiss my kids on Christmas Day, please don't let them cry, Who's gonna make the gravy? I bet it won't taste the same, Just add flour, salt, a little red wine, Don't forget a dollop of poison for that sweetness and extra tang, Wait don't add the poison! That's what got me in here! I keep forgetting, that poisoning's a crime! Give my love to Angus, and to Frank and Dolly, Tell them all I'm sorry that I poisoned them last Christmas And look after Rita, I hear she's still quite poorly, After all that poison I made her eat last year, And tell my son Kevin, not to eat that chocolate, I sent him in the mail, 'cause that's just full of poison, So is Julie's dolly, chock full o' poison. I just can't help it, I really like to poison, I poisoned all the prisoners, why'd they make me head chef? I'm well known to like poisoning, as they should know better than anyone, I'm never getting out of here, and that's probably for the best, I just love to poison, so if you'd poison that gravy I'd appreciate it WAIT don't make my gravy! Unless you wanna be poisoned... Would you like to be poisoned? I can probably arrange a poisoning, I've got friends on the outside, who'll poison you if I ask them, I'll be poisoning plenty, ah poison poison poison I'll be making poison, yeah gallons of it, Mix it up in a bathtub, that's a little bit rusty too I just love to poison...

Silly Stuff

Sometimes I like to bring some really stupid ideas to life, but I still feel the need to differentiate them from the regular stupid ideas I have.