About Me

My name is Benny Davis. I do a number of vaguely related creative things.


I’m best known as the keyboard player from The Axis of Awesome, where I spent ten years writing, composing, recording and performing comedy songs. I still do that from time to time, and have some solo albums on all music platforms, in addition to producing music as a freelancer.

I’m also a music teacher, specialising in music theory and ear training. My belief is that learning an instrument will make you an instrumentalist, but learning music skills will make you a musician.

Based on that philosophy of music education, I’m creating a web series deconstructing and teaching music called “Better Than It Sounds”. You can find that on my YouTube channel.


I'm producing another web series about a hobby of mine, explaining how to solve cryptic crosswords. I also solve cryptics live on Twitch.

I also host a podcast called “The Smallest Hill” where I make fun of modern discourse by fighting immaturely with other comedians.

And every now and again I get the urge to write, so I’ve set up a blog. You can find all those things on this site.

I have a B.Mus. from the Sydney Conservatorium, an audio engineering diploma from the Singapore School of Music & The Arts, and an expired busking licence from the City of Sydney.

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