About Me

My name is Benny Davis. I do a number of vaguely related creative things.


I’m best known as the keyboard player from The Axis of Awesome, where I spent ten years writing, composing, recording and performing comedy songs. I still do that from time to time, and have some solo albums on all music platforms, in addition to producing music as a freelancer.


I’m also a music teacher, specialising in music theory and ear training. My belief is that learning an instrument will make you an instrumentalist, but learning music theory will make you a musician.


Based on that philosophy of music education, I’m creating a web series deconstructing and teaching music called “Better Than It Sounds”. You can find that on my YouTube channel.


I also host a podcast called “The Smallest Hill” where I make fun of modern discourse by fighting immaturely with other comedians.


I also make a series where I solve cryptic crosswords and explain how they work, accompanied by jazz piano. You can watch that live on Twitch and see the condensed versions on my other YouTube channel.


And every now and again I get the urge to write, so I’ve set up a blog. You can find all those things on this site.

I have a B.Mus. from the Sydney Conservatorium, an audio engineering diploma from the Singapore School of Music & The Arts, and an expired busking licence from the City of Sydney.

About Me

I'm a musician, comedian and puzzle enthusiast, and do each in a number of loosely related ways.


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