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I believe that learning an instrument will make you a good instrumentalist, and learning to perform will make you a good performer. But learning music theory and training your ears is what makes you a good musician. That belief influences how I make music, and also how I enjoy and consume music. It's something I want to share with as many people as I can.

I am building a series that deconstructs and explains music, and also considers some more philosophical ideas about music and art in general: its purpose, its meaning, and its value. Saying it like that does make it seem pretty dry and boring, but hopefully it's Better Than It Sounds.

I'm also available for private music tuition. I specialise in music theory and ear training, but also teach piano: classical, jazz, and pop. As above, I can give you a fish by teaching you pieces you want to learn, but I'd rather teach you how to fish by teaching you music theory.

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